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How to know your food is fresh – tips from the Jaffa Foodie team

עודכן: 5 באפר׳ 2021

Ordering fresh food to your home is easy, but how do you know what to look for in meat and fish? Here are some practical tips and information on the simple things to look for when dealing with fresh fish and meat. At Jaffa Foodie, we always make sure you get the catch and cut of the day. Because Jaffans do it better.

Because you deserve a lucky fish

Firstly, it’s all about the looks. Your fish should be shiny like a trophy. The skin should be tight and metallic but bounce back easily if you touch it. Like any good fish, it should smell good!

It should be fragrant and smell like eau of the sea but not like last week’s rubbish.

You can mostly understand the intentions of your fish just by looking it deep into the eyes.Make sure they are bulging and clear , not sunken and milky with bad intentions.

If the fish doesn’t pass the touch, smell or sight test, toss it back into the sea! There are better fish out there, like the ones from Jaffa Foodie which you can conveniently order here (if we may say so ourselves).

Meat - it’s all in the color

First of all , know where your meat comes from. Chances are that your supermarket meat is from a random farm factory. Good meat comes from a place called Dabbah.

At Jaffa Foodie we work with butchers that source their meat from the country’s best supplier.

Now that we have that out of the way, the first tell-tale sign is the actual cut of the meat. A skilled butcher should be able to cut meat without any jagged edges, rather a smooth contour. Slices should also be the same thickness.

Next, check the firmness and color. Similar to fish, the meat should spring back right away when you touch it and have a bright red color. No dull brown colours should be tolerated on your meat! If that’s the case, it’s well near the end of its shelf life. This brings us to the odor test. It should smell meaty and fresh. Beef for instance generally doesn’t have a strong odor, so make sure you take a whiff before throwing it in the pan.

What about knafeh and baklawa?

Knafeh is generally a same-day food. You want to eat this yummy treat ASAP or it’ll lose its crisp yet soft appeal. You know your knafeh is fresh when the cheese is still soft enough to create that satisfying cheese pull when you lift your fork up while the knafeh hairs are crispy enough to create that crunch in your mouth.

We deliver from the hottest joint in town called Yaffa Knafeh within the hour.

Baklawa on the other hand has a longer shelf life. It can be in the fridge or stored at room temperature for 1 week. You can tell it’s fresh when the layers are nicely spread out and open. With time the sugar and butter will squash the layers together and get stickier. But baklawa is good any day of the week. Share it with guests or treat yourself when you need a little encouragement!

We hope to turn all our customers into Jaffa Foodies. That means experts in meat, fish and sweets who don’t settle for anything but the real deal. We always deliver the catch and cut of the day and make sure it arrives that way.

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